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CONNIE MORGAN appeared to have it all . . . until one medical mistake turned her Cinderella life with her handsome prince into a nightmare of endless doctor visits, the organization of a grueling home therapy program that involved over 6,000 volunteer visits, a near-fatal car crash, court ordered probation, a marital stonewall that ended a fourteen-year marriage, and a painful separation from her three sons.

Her story, however, is not about the devastating events that occurred. It’s about how she turned her challenges into extraordinary triumphs. After transforming her own life, Connie now empowers others to “Use What You’ve Been Given to Live a Passionate and Purposeful Life.” Her TRANSFORMATIONAL WISDOM has been recognized in national publications and on radio and TV. Through her speaking events, interactive workshops, books and articles, she shares her life-changing insights and inspires people around the world to live a life that sizzles with passion and purpose.

Stand, Walk, Run Free by Connie Morgan

Speaker − Author

STAND, WALK, RUN FREE details a mother's epic struggle to reconcile the dichotomy between her heartbreak and the gift of a child with disability – a story of extraordinary triumphs!

Whether you have suffered the loss of a loved one, a lack of fulfillment in your career, financial crisis, divorce, or are undecided about what you want to do with your life, this book is a MUST READ. In this book, you will LEARN HOW to use your innate strengths and abilities to create a deeply joyous and purposeful life.


Courses with Connie Morgan

Out of Your Cocoon

A five-session process that reveals . . .

  • WHO AM I?

A guaranteed process that taps into your deepest PASSIONS and gives you the KNOWLEDGE and certainty of who you really are and why you are here. This process will show you how to move forward with confidence and courage.



Speaking Events with Connie Morgan

Connie impacts audiences with powerful, thought-provoking, inspiring messages delivered with passion and conviction.

Connie’s message is an extraordinary example of personal re-discovery.

Meredith Grenier
News Editor, Los Angeles

Speaker Connie Morgan knocks it out of the park.

Rev. Gene Tromble